German World War II armored fighting vehicles gallery

SdKfz 231 (6 Rad)

Medium six-wheeled armored car




SdKfz 231 (6 Rad) was a medium weight 6x4 armored car. It`s development started already in 1929 and the final design was ready by the end of 1932 or beginning of 1933. There were three production versions, each of them based on chassis of different commercial truck (Mercedes-Benz G3a, B├╝ssing NAG G31 and Magirus M206).

All of used chassis had three axles, the front one was steered, the two rear were driven. Of course the original truck chassis must have been adapted to fit the new purpose. The main modification was the creation of second driver post to control the vehicle while reversing. The three versions used different engines, gear boxes (these plants came with the chassis) and other details such as front mask of the armored body or mudguards.

The armored bodies were produced by Deutsche Werke company. Maximum thickness of the armor was 14,5 mm. The vehicle was armed with a 20 mm KwK 30 L/55 automatic gun and a 7,92 mm machine gun, both situated in a rotating turret. Serial production of SdKfz 231 (6 Rad) started in 1933 and lasted till 1936 or 1937. Major drawback of this vehicle was the limited off-road capability given by the used ex-commercial chassis.