German World War II armored fighting vehicles gallery

SdKfz 232 (8 Rad)

Heavy eight-wheeled armored radio car




SdKfz 232 was a radio version of heavy armored car SdKfz 231. It was based on B├╝ssing-NAG GS chassis with eight individually suspended wheels, all of them driven and steered. Vehicle was originally powered by a 7,9 liter petrol engine with maximum output of 150 hp. In 1941 it was replaced by 8,3 liter, 180 hp unit. The transmission had 6 gears for both directions and therefore the SdKfz 232 was able to reach its maximum speed of 90 km/h not only when going forward, but also when reversing.

Armored body of SdKfz 232 was developed by Deutsche Werke company. It had a maximum thickness of 14,5 mm. The car was armed with a 20 mm KwK 30 L/55 automatic gun and a coaxial MG34 machine gun. It had a mass of 8,5 tons and was operated by a crew of four.

Radio equipped consisted of two radio sets: Fu.Spr. a and Fu 11 SE100 (the later one was replaced by more powerful Fu 12 radio set in 1942). Large frame antenna stretched over the turret and rear of the vehicle. These conspicuous frame antennas were replaced by less noticeable rod antennas on later vehicles. Serial production of SdKfz 232 lasted from 1937 until 1943.