German World War II armored fighting vehicles gallery

SdKfz 8

Self propelled guns on SdKfz 8




SdKfz (or Sd.Kfz.) was an army ordnance code used for all kinds of military vehicles. It stands for SonderKraftfahrzeug which literally means special purpose vehicle.

SdKfz 8 was a halftrack tractor designed for hauling artillery pieces and other kind of loads up to 12 metric tons. It was developed by Daimler-Benz company. First production batch appeared probably already in 1934 but the final design vehicles came into production in 1939.

Like with other German halftrack tractors, also SdKfz 8 was used as a platform for a self-propelled gun. The whole engine section and the front cabin received an armor protection. The rear utility space was converted into a flatbed and a powerful 88 mm anti-aircraft gun Flak 18 was installed here. Only a stand-by ammunition supply was carried on board. Additional rounds were probably to be carried by accompanying ammunition vehicles.

These halftracks took part in the battle of France and later also in the Soviet campaign. All of them were gradually lost during two years of fighting on the eastern front. The last pieces were probably destroyed in March 1943.