German World War II armored fighting vehicles gallery


Amphibious personnel / cargo carrier




Development of Landwasserschlepper (literally an amphibious tractor) started probably already in 1936. It was meant to transport both, troops and military material (including fighting vehicles) across water streams and sea channels. The project was assigned to Rheinmettal - Borsig company.

First several prototypes were finished probably in 1940. The vehicle had an appearance of a boat but with tracked running gear on the bottom. It was able to transport 20 passengers (plus 2 crew members) and tow a separate amphibious trailer with up to 20 tons of freight. It had no armor and no weapons.

After the fall of France, the LWS became an important part of plans for German invasion to Great Britain and the army was asking for fast serial production. However the tests of the prototypes were not really satisfactory and the mass production therefore put off. Eventually only two small production batches were finished in 1941 and 1942. The total production score was about 20 vehicles. LWS was deployed in Russia and Africa.